Why It’s Important to Service & Maintain Your Equipment

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Why It’s Important to Service & Maintain Your Equipment

Why It’s Important to Service & Maintain Your Equipment


Take a moment and think about your business and processes. What’s your most important asset? If you said your equipment, then you’d be right on the money.


Without the ability to remove insulation from a loft or cavity wall efficiently, effectively, and safely, there’s really not much you can do. And if your client is banking on you finishing on time ready for new insulation being put in, you need to ensure that you’re providing a timely service that really delivers on your promise.

When your income relies on being able to offer a specific service, you need to make sure you’re up to the task. And while it’s always possible to buy new equipment should yours fail, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Risks of poorly maintained equipment include:

  • Having to cancel a job at the last minute
  • Taking longer to complete a job than expected
  • Delayed schedule
  • Damaged reputation
  • Loss of earnings
  • Increased outgoings
  • Wasted crew hours
  • Need to apply emergency fixes
  • Inability to remove all debris from a cavity

Maintaining Your Equipment

The good news is that, if you’re buying from a high quality and reputable brand like Extract Vac, performance issues are uncommon. However, every piece of equipment needs a little TLC ever now and then. When it comes to insulation removal tools, there are a few things that can sometimes go wrong, such as slower-than-usual motors, or hose seal weaknesses that reduce air pressure.

Maintaining your equipment may be easier than you think. Along with regular visual inspections of the tools, it’s important to monitor efficiency of the equipment on-the-job, taking note of any sub-optimal performances which may be among some of the first signs that your insulation removal solutions require an inspection.

Should something go wrong with your equipment, there’s no need to panic. When selecting equipment such as Extract Vac’s blown loft insulation vacuum and cavity wall extractor, it may be possible to replace worn parts rather than purchase brand new equipment. We offer replacement engines and exhaust extenders to help your equipment keep running smoothly for longer, extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Support from the Experts

 As part of our training programme, we can help businesses to better understand the need for regular equipment servicing, and help develop a tailored preventative maintenance strategy to reduce the risk of unexpected, on-the-job tool failures.