Why is Cavity Wall Cleaning Important for Re-Insulation?

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Why is Cavity Wall Cleaning Important for Re-Insulation?

The concept of cavity wall insulation is a good one. Filling unused space with materials that prevent heat loss and make it easier and more cost effective to keep the home warm and comfortable? It makes sense. Unfortunately, poor quality installations now mean that many homeowners are seeing more harm than good from their cavity wall insulation, with it absorbing moisture and forming mould.

How is it absorbing moisture? While there are a number of possibilities, moisture-wicking debris is one of the most common. There are two issues we’re seeing more and more frequently when our team are inspecting cavity walls:

  1. The cavity wasn’t cleared properly during the initial installation, resulting in a collection of debris that acts as a simple way for moisture to penetrate the cavity.
  1. Subsequent DIY or home renovations on or near to the cavity have disrupted the wall structure, causing materials to fall into the cavity that can attract moisture.

The Dangers of Obstructed Cavities

If debris is not cleared from the cavity wall before new insulation is installed, homeowners will face the exact same problem in the future: damp and mould.

Damp and mould are serious problems. Not only can they reduce the value of a property and make it more difficult to sell, but wet insulation also does very little - if anything - to retain heat, meaning homeowners could be paying more to heat their home than needed. Of course, another concern is health and wellbeing. Some types of mould can have major health consequences, including breathing issues.

The Problem

The big problem that cavity wall extraction specialists face today is that so many of the ‘standard’ tools that are used for removing old, damp insulation are only good for that specific purpose: insulation removal. Very few can be used to clean rubble and debris from the cavity, too, making it ready for new insulation to be installed.

That was a major driver behind our decision to create the Extract Vac cavity wall clearance machine, ensuring that specialists have the all-in-one tools and systems they need to not only remove insulation, but prepare the space for new insulation.

The Extract Vac solution features high pressure nozzles and combined with a powerful air compressor to effectively remove both insulation and debris from an obstructed cavity, leaving it clean and clear for qualified installers to add new insulation to the wall if required.