Cavity Wall Extraction Machine

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Our cavity wall extraction machines are powerful enough to deal with cavity wall insulation removal of fibre, bead and foam insulation from properties of a standard construction, timber framed and even steel framed houses with insulation problems.

The cavity wall insulation removal machine is highly portable with sack truck design for easy manoeuvring around objects and along garden paths, yet still allowing compact storage.

The handles make it easy for lifting on and off the van or over objects and up and down stairs. We design it to be compact for van storage so not to take up too much space, and allowing to pass through doors and gates, enabling it to have efficient access to the working area.

We understand that reliability is what customers want form a cavity wall insulation removal machine, so we didn’t bother with a Chinese copy engine and went for a well branded name; power house Honda GX390 13hp for peace of mind of all.

Endurance is another factor to consider, and that’s why our impeller is balanced and made from armoured steel, we have reinforced the side of the housing for longevity.

Replacing an impeller or housing before the year is out is not cost effective, especially when some manufacturers only give 3 or 6 six months warranty, so we decided to give a 1 year warranty on our cavity wall insulation removal vacuum.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 75 × 600 × 900 cm
  • Armoured balanced steel impeller.
  • 6mm reinforced side housing.
  • Able to go through gates and doors.
  • Compact for van storage.
  • Price and parts are cheaper than other suppliers.
  • Suction is far superior than others on the market.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 30 insulation bags.
  • 13hp Honda Engine GX390 
  • Top quality components for reliability and endurance.
  • Removes retro fitted cavity wall insulation; fibre, foam and bead.
  • Handles for easy lifting to and from the van.
  • 4 x key replaceable parts, you don’t have to buy a whole new unit if the housing wears through.

What’s included:

  • Cavity Wall Extraction Machine.
  • 10m Intake & 5m Exhaust hoses and clamps.
  • 30 Insulation bag system and clamp.
  • 3 x 15m compressor hoses.
  • Directional nozzle & whipper adapters.
  • Main ball valve