UK’s Only Blown Loft Insulation Vacuum

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UK’s Only Blown Loft Insulation Vacuum

Loose-fill, blown-in insulation is one of the most common types of insulation found in UK loft spaces today. Insulating materials are blown into the space using a machine, ensuring that all holes and cracks are filled to prevent heat loss through the roof and help homeowners to reduce the amount of energy used in heating their properties.

However, not only is it one of the most popular, it’s also one of the most likely types of insulation to need replacing, too. This type of insulation absorbs moisture easily leading to problems with damp and mould. It also makes an excellent material for vermin bedding and small animal nests, often resulting in a loss of insulation.

As an insulation professional, you’ve probably noticed that quote requests for removal of blown-in loft insulation is on the rise. So how are you ensuring that you and your team are able to remove this insulation efficiently, effectively, and perhaps even more importantly, without creating any damage to your client’s loft space?

The Problem with industrial Vacuums

There’s a notable trend today to use industrial vacuum cleaners to suck up blown-in materials and clean the space ready for re-insulation. However, there are a number of significant problems with using equipment that wasn’t designed for this job:

  • Blockages

While industrial vacuum cleaners are certainly a better choice than domestic models, they are still prone to blockages when dealing with loose-fill insulation.

  • Equipment Loss

Should your equipment become damaged on the job, it may be challenging to claim money back should the industrial vacuum be used for non-approved purpose.

  • Inefficiency

Blown-in insulation is notoriously messy. Using a vacuum that isn’t as powerful as needed can make it challenging to remove all material, dust, droppings, and more.

  • Risk

An inability to rapidly suck up materials can increase the risk of respiratory problems during the work, and contact dermatitis from mould, dirt, and animal waste.

Bringing Excellence to the UK

High powered insulation removal systems have been commonplace over in the United States for some time. The UK, however, has been lagging behind. Until now.

The Extract Vac loft insulation removal vacuum has been specially designed to quickly suck up blown fibre, beads, loose polystyrene, and vermiculite insulation with superior suction driven by the 13hp Honda Engine GX390. The first of its kind in the UK, the portable device effectively