Extract Vac Vision

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Extract Vac Vision

Here at Extract Vac, we have a vision: We want to see improved standardisation in the cavity wall extraction industry, generating greater consistency in technique and equipment usage to provide homeowners with predictable results, every time.

The Problem

One of the biggest issues in the cavity wall extraction sector today is unpredictability. As the number of businesses offering insulation removal services increases, we’re seeing more and more deviation in the processes and tools that are used to extract, clean, and prepare a space for a new installation. This means that homeowners can never be sure what to expect, nor can they have true confidence in the work done.  

In 2021, CIGA received almost 3000 complaints, the majority of which were related to water penetration, condensation, and mould. Homeowners today are looking for guarantees; they need to know that the businesses and professionals they choose to work with are utilising best practises in all areas of operation to deliver quality results.

We believe that a significant driver of the problems within the sector today is the fact the cavity wall insulation remains an unregulated industry. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, Ofgem does not regulate this field, making it difficult for standardised processes and equipment to be rolled out amongst businesses.

Making Our Vision a Reality

At Extract Vac, we’re taking steps to make our vision a reality by manufacturing a new range of cavity wall extraction equipment that standardises how we all work.

Through our cavity wall extraction machine and blown loft insulation removal vacuum, we’re helping businesses create new operations processes that not only remove insulation effectively and efficiently, but also clear the cavity of dirt, dust,

rubble, and debris, making the space clean, suitable, and ready for re-insulating.

Transforming the Industry

By choosing to use tried-and-tested equipment and processes that have been developed specifically to create more consistency and predictability in what is otherwise a very varied and unregulated industry, you’re doing your part to transform the sector and deliver improved, impressive results for homeowners.

At this time especially, we believe it’s critical that trust and confidence is rebuilt in customer minds. Our vision is to instil this trust and confidence through excellence.