Cavity Wall Wifi Boroscope Side View Inspection camera

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This is a side view rigid inspection scope that is specially designed for cavity wall insulation inspection, wall tie and dry rot inspection, inspection of spaces under floors, above ceilings and behind panels and ducts, and many more where a rigid side view endoscope is required. The insertion probe is made of stainless steel which adds extra robustness and durability even in the most challenging conditions of an industrial inspection. It is usable at temperatures between -10°C and 60°C. It’s also IP67 waterproof.

The wifi boroscope is 720px for clearer viewing also capturing videos & photos on your phone or iPad ready to upload to documents or to email straight to your clients. The powerful tool for surveyors and operatives in the insulation, damp and wall tie industries. 9mm slim design probe allows easy assess for a less intrusive investigation. The wifi boroscope can pair with either Android or Apple devices with connections via wifi and an app from either app store.

-Pair with your phone or iPad.
-USB for easy charging while travelling.
-Bright clear sharp viewing.
-Send photos & video to clients quickly.
-9mm slim design.
-Waterproof level: IP67 (camera tube only)
-2 high intensity variable brightness LEDs, providing light up to 1.5 meters.