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It’s often said that Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, failed 10,000 times before succeeding. And while there’s really no solid proof that Edison ever admitted to facing such a challenge, what we do know is that he told Harper’s Monthly magazine in 1890 that he had ‘constructed three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light, each one of them reasonable and apparently to be true.  Yet only in two cases did my experiments prove the truth of my theory’. You don’t always hit the jackpot on your first try. In the Formula One 2022 season, for...

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This is a quick update to let Extract Vac cavity wall extraction machine owners that the new E10 fuel will not effect the engine and is ok to use but we strongly advise to use a fuel additive/stabiliser.  You can get some at your local Toolstation or Screwfix. What is E10 petrol? It's a motor fuel that contains less carbon and more ethanol than fuels. Current petrol grades in the UK - known as E5 - contain up to 5% ethanol, with the other 95% being regular unleaded petrol. Their replacement, E10, will see this percentage increased to 10% - a proportion...

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Cavity wall insulation has been in the media a lot recently. Once thought of as one of the best ways to insulate a home, its fall from grace has been well-publicised. Thousands of people have been affected by poorly installed cavity wall insulation, and as a result, this has made people cautious about their own homes and potentially investigate when, where why and how their homes are insulted. And unfortunately, some have been unlucky enough to discover the aftereffects of badly installed cavity wall insulation. This increasing issue for homeowners right around the country has resulted in a heighted demand...

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