Extract Vac is Now Trademarked!

Extract Vac is Now Trademarked!

We are thrilled to announce that, following an application made by Extract Vac company owner Scott Ormston in May 2021, the Extract Vac trademark application was approved 5 months later in October by the UK Intellectual Property Office. This means that the Extract Vac name can only be associated with our quality systems.  

A Trademark is a legally protected name, logo, or phrase that identifies an organisation and prevents any other business from utilising that trademark.

The Extract Vac trademark is filed with the UKIPO in the 017 category for rubber and plastic products, under the ‘vacuum insulation materials’ subcategory. To find out more about our trademark filing and registration, you can search for our registration number - UK00003645668 - on the Intellectual Property Office website here.

The trademark helps to protect our Extract Vac name and products, ensuring that no other business in the UK is able to leverage the power of our brand’s name or reputation to promote their own products which may not be of the same quality.

What This Means for Our Customers 

The Extract Vac trademark protects our company, our products, and most importantly, our customers. It means that we’re now the only company legally permitted to manufacture products under the Extract Vac name, so our customers have complete confidence that, when they purchase an Extract Vac machine or accessories, they’re getting exactly what they bargained for: unrivalled excellence.

The trademark prevents any third party organisation from selling products under the Extract Vac name, giving you complete peace of mind that when you order an Extract Vac machine, you’re getting an Extract Vac machine, not a poor imitation. It means we’re able to maintain a reputation built on quality and top craftsmanship.

Ultimately, our trademark is a way for our customers to easily and instantly recognise our products, and ensure you’re always making the best decisions for your business.

Protecting Your Clients

Through our approved trademark application, we’re making sure that our customers are never confused about whether they’re purchasing a legitimate Extract Vac product or a poor quality alternative. And we’ve done this to ensure that you’re better able to protect your own clients, using cutting edge technology and leading equipment to deliver exceptional work, remove old and defective insulation efficiently, and generate a clean, prepped, ready-to-go space for new insulation.


Your customers want Extract Vac quality. Isn’t it time you gave it to them?